Molos Homes on Thassos
Building dream homes on Thassos
Thassos, in comparison with the rest of the Greek islands, is quite underdeveloped and offers incredible opportunities for those with an interest of building or buying a home in the sun on one of the most beautiful and unspoiled islands of the Mediterranean.
Golden Beach, Thassos

As more and more people discover Thassos, Greeks and Internationals alike, it is becoming more popular among retirees searching for a new home in a quiet and healthy enviroment and family vacationers who love travelling to Greece regularly.
The villages of Skala Potamia (front) and Potamia (back), Thassos
With a warm and sunny climate, lush green mountains surrounded by the sparkling blue Aegean, an abundancy of Greek culture, countless beaches and nature trails, increasing business opportunities and only a 35 minute ferry ride from the European mainland, Thassos is ideal for those seeking a better way of life, short and long term.

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