Molos Homes on Thassos
Building dream homes on Thassos
The variations of land types available on Thassos are many. It has the potential to fullfil any desire one may have while searching for and purchasing their dream property. As the value and price of property increase at a progressively faster rate, there's no better day than today to find and buy your small piece of paradise on Thassos.
Thassos Town, Thassos

From beach-front property facing the Aegean to land on the mountain side overlooking the sea, you will have many options when deciding on what is perfect for you. If you desire to live in a remote area where you can find the most of privacy and quiet, or if you wish to become a part of one of the communities in the area, mostly consisting of villages that maintain their own unique culture and traditions unlike any other, that and more is available to you on Thassos.
The village of Panagia, Thassos
Flat land to grow your gardens and build your private pool, hilly olive groves that offer natural beauty like nothing you'll find anywhere else, views of the mountains and sea almost everywhere you look, Thassos is sure to have something special and unique to offer you.
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